A Brief History of Westchester County

Your Yonkers or other Westchester County home is located in an area that played an important part in this country’s history.

Plans for a new county in the Hudson Valley were first made in 1683, when the English crown laid claim to the area. It was not until 1709 that it was named Westchester County. By 1761, when the British pulled out of New York, there were about 8,000 people living in Westchester.

The British had been using Westchester as a buffer to protect the rest of their holdings in upper New York State and New England. The same function was performed by Washington’s army during the Revolution and by George Washington himself during the War of 1812. After that war, many wealthy New Yorkers left Manhattan and built homes in Westchester because it was far away from British warships and could be reached only by land.

Walter Chrysler Sr., founder of Chrysler Corporation, spent his childhood here and named his company after it.

The county contains one city with over 50,000 people: White Plains (population: 54,921). Other cities include: Mount Vernon (40,933), Yonkers (175,917), and Rye (19,712). The county is home to hundreds of other small towns that don’t have enough residents to make up a city.

Westchester County is the most populous of the 62 counties of the State of New York. It is located in the state’s lower Hudson Valley, approximately 28 miles north of New York City. Westchester is considered to be part of the New York metropolitan area, although it is separated from neighboring counties, such as Rockland County, by large tracts of suburban homes and businesses.

Westchester County’s population was estimated at 948,457 in 2005. The city with the largest population within the county is Yonkers with approximately 200,000 residents.

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